Phoenix Dance Studios

with Aaron Gilmore

Dance Classes, Private Lessons and Corporate Entertainment Services with 2x Dancing With The Stars Champion Aaron Gilmore.

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Aaron Gilmore. Owner & Director of Phoenix Dance.

Born just out of Christchurch, Aaron is a pretty typical Kiwi fella. Except for one thing: instead of getting into more mainstream sports, 33 years ago he started dancing. First with Irish, but finding it too hard not to move his arms, it didn't last long. So; at the age of 9, it was off to Ballroom and Latin American dance lessons (his mother wanted him to learn the wedding waltz for the eldest of his three sisters' coming marriage). At first it took a bit of persuasion but he soon began to love it. 

Aaron feels very lucky with the opportunities he has had with dance. He's traveled and represented New Zealand overseas, competing at the highest level and for a time lived, danced and trained in Australia and England.

A Dancing With The Stars veteran, winning with the graceful Lorraine Downes, Aaron was a popular pro choice. He recalls his time fondly "The people involved were a magic group and I have made some wonderful friends. Dancing with, and getting to know my partners and the crew involved was fantastic.  I had a great time making the show and had heaps of laughs. A big bonus was that it was for charity. I had the pleasure to be involved with a range of charities: The Children's Cancer Foundation, Parents Inc. Hospice New Zealand and The New Zealand Spinal Trust. They are awesome groups and a really special bunch of people. I feel very privileged that I could dance for them, and work with and continue to raise money for such worthy causes.  They really do provide such valuable services."

Nowadays, Aaron is based in Auckland with his two children, Ethan and Grace. As the Owner and director of Phoenix Dance Studios Aaron is committed to growing dance in New Zealand. 

Kimberley Hill - Teacher, Performer and Magic Mum

Kimberley has worked as a professional dancer for over 15 years, dancing commerically for NZ’s top dance entertainment companies; performing for many large scale events and shows as well as dancing in various film and television productions. She was a long standing member of the Sky City Cheerteam and a NZ Breaker Girl. Now a busy mum, Kimberley gets her dance fix through teaching Dance and Dance Fitness Classes. 

Professional Dancer, Certified 'Jungle Body' Instructor, Barre Fitness Instructor, a Diploma in Fitness Training, and a Magic Mother to two lovely little fellas. What a great asset to the Phoenix team.