Phoenix Dance Studios

with Aaron Gilmore

'Providing a connected, open and creative learning environment, for all ages, that grows each individuals self-held vision and passion'

Given with a service based in kindness, mutual respect and fun.

All Dance Classes and Private Lessons in Auckland.


Top 'Dancing with the Stars' professional Aaron Gilmore, and his team, can entertain you!

Lighting up the floor for many of New Zealand's top companies such as Westpac, Qatar Airways, Air New Zealand, Vodafone and more. Phoenix Dance Studios leaves their audiences energized, entertained and wanting more. 

A talented MC as well, Aaron and his team can be exactly what you need to make your next event a success. A tailored performance can be an excellent way to engage your audience and add value for all that attend. 

Want team building with a difference? Experiences can be made interactive with a short lesson; having guests move, learning something new, in a fun and friendly environment would not soon be forgotten.

Theme directly to your event. Stuck for ideas? We can help.