Phoenix Dance Studios

with Aaron Gilmore

'Providing a connected, open and creative learning environment, for all ages, that grows each individuals self-held vision and passion'

Given with a service based in kindness, mutual respect and fun.

All Dance Classes and Private Lessons in Auckland.


Private lessons can be a fantastic confidence builder for your first dance as a married couple. Taking time out from all the planning madness can be  exactly what a couple needs; and feeling prepared for your first dance can avoid those sweaty palms and frazzled nerves!

Whether it be a dance simple and elegant, right through to a dance out there and entertaining, our team can help.

We can tailor a package for your specific needs. Left it to the last minute? Don't worry, you will be amazed how far you'll come in just a few lessons. 

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Please note: All Dance Classes and Private Lessons in Auckland.